Microsoft Offers Windows 10 For Raspberry Pi 3

Microsoft has released a preview version of Windows 10 – compatible IoT Core with the new  Raspberry Pi 3

Microsoft to support Mini-PCs leading single board is not new and was released with the Raspberry Pi 2 , looking for a gap until then reserved for Linux systems .

Windows 10 IoT Core is a reduced version of Windows 10 aimed specifically at developers and optimized for small Mini-PCs as Raspberry Pi 3 products are coming under the Internet of Things and general embedded sector.

If the young Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi 3 can compete with such a mature core Linux in this kind of development where premium efficiency with low – level hardware and solutions as settled as the Raspbian it will have to say developers, but not certainly that is an  interesting alternative .

Microsoft not only offers downloading  Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi 3  but is a sales partner of Raspberry Pi, selling the plate itself in its official store  for $ 49, including a microSD card class 10 of 16 Gbytes that includes the installer Raspberry Pi systems, NOOBS.

We leave you a video demonstration of what can be done though their chances are very wide in all kinds of projects.


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