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Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On? – Here’s How To Fix It!

Nintendo Switch is an excellent video game console but sometimes it gets you in trouble. Many users have reported their Nintendo Switch won’t turn on when they are trying to play video games. Such a panic for video game lovers!

If you face a similar issue where your Nintendo Switch won’t power on, this article gives you multiple solutions for this issue. Here is a list of methods you can apply to fix your video game console without any professional help.

Why Won’t My Nintendo Switch Turn On?

If your Nintendo Switch won’t power on then, might be several reasons for this.

  • A low battery of the Switch.
  • The controller button is out of power.
  • Software systems may be hung up.
  • Dysfunctional charger.
  • Damaged USB port.

Manually Turn it on

You may turn on your Switch using the “Home” button on the controller. Sometimes your controller gets out of battery. In this case, use the “Power On” button on the Switch to make it start.

Tap on the Power On button at the top of the Switch. If it’s connected to the dock, the green light will light up. If your Nintendo Switch isn’t docked, a Nintendo logo or lock screen will appear on the screen.

Note: If the Nintendo logo appears and then disappears after some time, the console is out of battery.

Charge It For A While

If your console isn’t booting up after showing the Nintendo Logo then you should charge it for a while. You should wait until the Switch is fully charged and then turn it on.

You should remove the power cord from the dock and plug it directly into the Switch with a USB-C connector at the bottom. It will eradicate the issue if it is related to the Dock.

After this, you will see a battery pointer in the top left corner of the screen. Don’t try to turn on your Switch until it’s charged. If it doesn’t turn on after a few hours of charging, there could be some other issue.

Hardware Reset

It’s most unlikely that your console has been wrecked or hanged, but you can fix it by manual reset. You can do so by pressing the “Power Button” on the top for 15 seconds. Make sure that your console is charged. If not, then charge it for a while before resetting it.

This trick will help you resolve all the software issues that stop you from enjoying gaming. It will benefit you only if pressing the “Home” button doesn’t work. If you are still stuck with this problem, might look for another tool.

Replace The Charger

If your switch is unresponsive and nothing seems to appear after connecting it with the dock or USB-C connector even if it does not show a low battery indicator, it means the charger is deceased.

All you have to do is renew your charger with a Nintendo Switch AC adapter. It might be close to expensive, but you can also buy an alternative third party that will do a better job for you.

Check For Damage To USB -C Connector

You can also face this issue of charging if your USB Connector port is damaged. You can check it by viewing it closely. If you see any bent ports or cracks on it, it’s time to replace or repair your Switch.

It is crucial if your console is not charging on the dock. In this situation, you must contact Nintendo support to fix it. You can’t fix it by yourself because it’s technician-based work.

Contact Nintendo Support For Repairs

have you tried all the above-mentioned methods but still your console is not working? Then the only option is to contact Nintendo Support for rehabilitation. If your console is under warranty, Nintendo will not charge you for it.

If your warranty has expired, you have to pay for all the repairs. Without any knowledge about the console damage, it’s hard to know what to do. So, the better opinion is to go for Nintendo Support.

Third-Party Repair Shops

Be very mindful of such repair stores as they give you non-guaranteed services. They are not trustworthy at all to fix your system. But if you utilize it and face any issues in the future, Nintendo will decline to renovate your Switch.

Can I Repair It Myself?

It can be risky to repair your Nintendo Switch yourself, as you are not an expert in such techniques. So it’s not a good conclusion to resolve the issue using your screwdriver. You can choose any of the above methods to turn on your Nintendo Switch.


In this post, you will find all the possible tactics if you have the same question: why won’t my Nintendo Switch turn on? Charging your console usually fixes the problem. You can also go for a hardware reset.

All of the procedures mentioned above are tested and utilized by our professionals. You can choose any of them for your system. Hopefully, this post has provided you with all the techniques to fic your console.

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