Now You Can Run Computer With The Drop Of Water

The computer technology innovation, speed, and wonderful as you had only to the novelty, more water in the computer what has been taken from the water electronics will work instead.

The American scientists this computer manufactured with drops of water from the customers will be the purpose of substances used to control and improve the computer is already there, the computer system of universal logic gates and will work like this will be less, the speed of the machine to the team as soon as possible to remove the flaws the intention expressed determination.

This modern computer to the head of the team of the invention to say that the information to a computer extorting already. However, our objective is to prepare such a computer in the changes in a better way of the control, you should be that you have a computer is not only the information to extorting  to substances, you should control surprised and we will be left, and it is for this place of 10 micro a millimeter of water has been used.

Experts say a computer system, and said that the water drops magnetic coming closer to control with the help of an iron bar, who is the terrorist network motion. Experts had said that the work in computer installed in the clock system is the best way to control every movement and it binary code in the Code, the new system is the memory a bit to the present a post left the size of the new system is the size of water drops less than it psychologically opium seeds.

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