OnionHarvesterTor Onion Address Harvester Tool For Checking if the Address is Available or not. This program uses TOR local socks5 proxy for finding the Onion Address, Which are alive and which have port 80 and 443 available. Details about the project and TOR onion harvesting is published in my personal blog at: Onion Harvester

How to Compile and Use OnionHarvester – Tor Onion Address Harvester Tool

Just get the two java files and compile them inside your Java IDE. Java 8 is prefered (JDK 1.8).


  • –ip: Sets the IP address for local TOR socks5 proxy. (Ex:
  • –port: Sets the Port for local TOR socks5 proxy. (Ex: 9150)
  • –start: Sets the first Onion address to start. Can be used for resuming. (Ex: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa without .onion at the end of address)
  • –thread: Sets the number of threads to harvest concurrently. (Ex: 20)
  • –time-out: The timeout time for reaching each Onion address in milliseconds (Ex: 5000 means 5 seconds).


If you did not set the switched, you can use the Onion Harvester with its default settings. Default value for each switch is here:

Switch Default Value
–port 9150
–thread 10
–time-out 5000 (5 seconds)