OSINT: Is an open source Information Gathering Tool for Instagram, Shodan and Amazon. To retrieve exact location of photos from Instagram, For Amazon It scans each bucket from provided dictionary for extensions.

1# Instagram

Small proof of concept to show how to retrieve exact location of photos from instagram. At instagram.com you can only see approximate location like country and city. This script gets latitude and longitude from photos and next checks this values with GeoPy. Additionaly can count all hashtags.

Tested with > 600 photos
Do not forget to change api credentials


  • Count and show all hashtags
  • Get exact location of all photos (thanks to GeoPy) with timestamp


You can check user’s ID easily by adding double underscore at the end of the request, like this https://www.instagram.com/USERNAME/?__a=1 and look for owner id in json response.

Examples: (random person)


2# Amazon roulette

  1. It scans each bucket from provided dictionary for extensions
  2. You can check all files with chosen extension or random one
  3. Follow the instructions in script and it will be working, otherwise it won’t

Dictionary in form:

One screen explains all

3# Shodan

Search multiple organization with Shodan. Prepare txt file with organizations names and pass it to script as argument.

Edit line #140 and change your api key.

Needed libraries:


Hosts.txt includes:


Run ./shodan hosts.txt


As output script makes directory with organization’s name and writes response as txt file