Paypal.Me: Best Way To Accept Payment Through Paypal !

If you ask me i always feel a bit concerned while giving someone my Paypal email address because it certainly reveals so much about me and it also looks way too unprofessional if are using a (free email service).


How to use Paypal.Me and how can you get your short Paypal URL?

its an official feature by Paypal for absolutely no cost at all., however it is currently available for limited number of countries. If you are having  Paypal account, you simply need to visit Paypal.ME and press the (Grab a link) button to make your very own (short-Paypal-payment-link).

When you are gonna reach to the next page you shall add (short url) as per your will


By creating a new or using an existing Paypal account, you can easily “link” your Paypal.Me URL by getting logged in.

Since, Paypal.Me has been launched today, you can grab Paypal.ME URL of your choice without facing any problem what so ever . For e.g if you are running an online dating site , you can get a URL with a name

Just in case if somebody has already taken your account, you can pick other similar names from suggestions. Furthermore, you should select your link after thinking twice because once you have selected your name, you will not be able to edit or replace it with a new.

This cool service is available on mobile as well as desktop, but the only thing which makes me sad is that this service is not currently available for all the countries around the World.


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