Play GTA V in Any Web Browser

A developer has developed a program called jsmped-vnc. If your PC isn’t powerful enough to run GTA V, you can try out this free and open source utility written in C. It captures a screen at 60fps, encodes into an MPEG1 video stream, and uses a browser on another devices to connect to the stream over WebSockets.

if you are a gaming enthusiast, you would have played GTA V numerous times till now. But, some of you might have missed the fun as you laptop isn’t powerful enough to run a game like that. So, what do you need to do? Well, upgrading your hardware is an option, but here’s another way to enjoy the game.

A developer named Dominic Szablewski, who has made an app called Instant Webcam in the past, utilized the same technique to stream a game to any web browser. He writes on his blog post that it works “way better than it should.”

This open-source program is called jsmpeg-vnc and you can download it for free. This small program encodes the 60fps captured screen into an MPEG1 video. After it, all you need to do is to use the web browser on some other device. jsmpeg-vnc is a small Windows application written in C and it also takes input from your mouse and keyboard.So, using this program, you can use your PC and play your favorite games in the browser with minimal lag. This program is just a local network tool only, so you shouldn’t worry about the network congestion.

This tool works on any browser, in all devices. In the video, developer playing the GTA V game in his iPhone at 648×480 in phone’s browser.

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The full source code and binary releases are available on GitHub.

Play GTA V In Any Web Browser

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