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Reddit Launches Upvoted, news aggregator rated by users

It will be led by Vickie Chang, former editorial director of Myspace, and produce approximately 20 stories a day developed the stories created by the users of social media.

YOU WILL NOT comment and develop the stories created by users of social media: Upvoted is a news aggregator and content announced by Reddit

.Upvoted with the social media officially enters the world of news.  The move will allow the California group to use the content posted on Reddit and often used by other media to build items.

Upvoted will be led by former editorial director of Myspace , Vickie Chang, who will have a team of about ten people.At first, the site is expected to produce 20 original stories a day, which will increase to 40.

But, as he writes the Guardian , despite its name (Upvoted means giving a positive vote on an article or a video, or generally in a content on the internet) will not allow users to comment or give a positive or negative opinion on the story.

A choice in stark contrast to the policy that Reddit has grown thanks to the comments and the interaction of its users. Reddit also hopes to increase its users through Upvoted.

The service plans to transform the best short articles published by users in newspaper stories, which for a long time do the other newspapers, which use Reddit as a news source.

Speaking to (group of Condé Nast, a subsidiary of Atlantic Publications which partly owns Reddit) Chang said Upvoted publish articles, stories, videos, infographics, podcasts and illustrations of “news, sports, animals and lifestyle”. Each history will have a link to the article published departure on Reddit. “We believe that our users write stories should be told, but should have them at the center, “he said Chang attacking the method by which the newspapers” steal “the news from the community of social media.As for advertising, Upvoted will have banner but only native advertising.

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