Samsung, here is the Galaxy S6 Edge +

The Korean renews the challenge to Apple presenting the model with extra wide screen dall’S6 Edge. But the most interesting is Samsung Pay, the mobile payment system compatible with readers of magnetic credit cards.

“IN SAMSUNG we were the first to believe in the importance of having a larger screen in a smartphone, since the time of the first notes, which effectively created a new market segment,” said JK Shin, president of Mobile Division Samsung, while, in a suite of a luxury hotel in central London, shows us the new S6 Edge Galaxy. “With the Edge + we go to complete the offer of the Galaxy S6 , giving more choice for those who prefer a larger monitor. ” The Edge Galaxy S6 + is aesthetically identical to the “small” S6, but the screen is 5.7-inches instead that by 5.1. It is a beautiful curved screen with Quad HD resolution 2560 x 1440 pixels and a density of 518 pixels per inch (the iPhone 6 Plus, for comparison, stops at 401). Specifications aside, it is a monitor bright, bright, with a color rendering almost perfect. As with the Edge, it is curved on both sides, with the right profile that is used as a sub-menu for quick access to the five most frequently used applications or your favorite contacts. The rest of the specs are the same as the Galaxy S6: The main camera is 16 megapixels, the space for data and applications is 32 or 64GB, the octa-core processor, 64-bit consists of two units that work together and that ensure top performance. The only difference is in the RAM of the processor, increased from 3 to 4 GB and the battery that will use more space available, now has a capacity of 3000mAh, enough to ensure more than a full day of operation.The battery can be recharged without wires and has a quick charging mode. Despite the larger screen, the weight has not grown much: the Edge + stops the scales at 153 grams, just 20 more than his younger brother. The feeling is extremely light, so that the smartphone does not appear much larger than the original. You have to put them next to each other to realize the difference.

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The Edge + also features several innovations in terms of software, with a modified version of Android 5.1 Lollipop which includes a number of applications developed exclusively by Samsung to improve the user experience. “For us, the software is as important as the hardware. We work every day to improve the ease of use of our products,” says Shin. With the Edge S6 +, for example, you can connect your phone to your PC and view it replicated on screen. We will be able to make calls, send text messages using your computer keyboard or play our favorite games using the larger monitor.We can send directly to YouTube Live video or share our time with our friends from the contact list. The movies also now will be more stable due to Steady Video technology, another novelty of the Edge + that ensures calm, stable, vibration-free, thanks to the digital image stabilization. The London event allowed us to try to close two other important news coming from the house Korean: the Galaxy Note 5 and the system of payment via smartphone Samsung Pay. Let’s start from the expected Galaxy Note 5, the latest model of the smartphone that first turned on a large screen, raising the sector phablet, which is the middle ground between smartphone and tablet. The Notes 5 is identical all’Edge +. Same processor, same memory, same camera and especially the same screen AMOLED 5.7 inch Quad HD. With one difference: in the case of Note 5 the monitor is flat. Thus missing the side menu and the design is more canonical, although still elegant and made ​​with high quality materials (the back is made ​​of glass). “The difference for us in this case is in the software,” says Shin. “While the Edge + is more suited for using the smartphone for entertainment, to see a movie, take pictures, or as a tool for social networks, the Notes 5 is intended for a consumer business.” The Android version of Note 5 Lollipop is therefore very different and has many applications designed for the job. There is also a new stylus that lets you interact with the screen and that, according to a statement from Samsung, it will be even more smart than the previous model. Too bad, for the moment, there are no plans to bring the Galaxy Note 5 in Europe. “This is a type of product very popular in Asia. For Europe is our point of reference is the Galaxy S6 + Edge, although we do not exclude that in the future the situation will change,” said Shin. We leave the side of the room dedicated to new Galaxy, not before he tried the new cover with the physical keyboard to be launched for the Edge + (excellent for lovers of Blackberry and the like), and head to a table full of chocolate. On the right there is a cash register, one of those “contact less”, which allow you to pay with the new credit cards with embedded chips. “Would you like something?” He says smiling Alessandro Longoni, Italian expatriate in London and one of the project leaders Samsung Pay. We choose a box of chocolates and we approach the case. Just a gesture with his index finger from the bottom up, from the bottom of the screen dell’S6 Edge +, to bring up our credit card. Then we have a few seconds to bring the phone to the NFC case and confirm the payment with our fingerprint. Everything simple.It is the same system used by Apple and Google for their mobile payment systems. But Samsung Pay has more weapon, as he explains Longoni.”Within all Edge it is indeed a chip MST, which stands for Secure Magnetic Transmission. It is the same technology of magnetic stripe of the normal credit cards.” In other words, it is the one used to recognize the card when the “crawl” at the checkout. “It means that Samsung Pay, in theory, is compatible with any reader of credit cards,” added Shin. In practice, you can use your phone to pay even in normal cases without contactless reader, just bring the phone to the magnetic reader, the one where you usually strip credit card. Pay means that Samsung might be compatible with virtually any existing store that accepts credit cards, without which the retailer must make agreements with Samsung or update the player’s case with a more evolved. “There are limitations, not all readers are really compatible. But from us our tests in Korea, where the service is available for some time on an experimental basis, we percentages operating close to 90%”, explains Thomas Ko, manager Samsung Pay project. Overall, a nice advantage over rivals. Moreover, unlikeApple Pay Pay and Android where there is a spending limit (in England, for example, you can shop for a maximum of 20 pounds, 30 pounds by next September), with Samsung Pay your spending limit It is to your credit card.”From our first tests in Korea, who uses Samsung Pay pay with the phone more than 50% of the purchases he does every day. And the percentage is growing,” said Ko. Too bad that it is still unclear when Samsung Pay become reality. The Korean company has just started a new phase of testing in the US: the hope is to make the active service in America later this year. For Italy, however, no mention of a possible release date: very likely that we will have to wait for 2016 forwarded.


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