“Smart” watches may become a target for hackers

The growing popularity of “smart” watches can become a target for hackers.

525.az of reports quoting the official website of ITC, the idea that “HP Fortify on Demand” security experts said. Experts concluded that “Android” and “Apple” is the most popular mobile operating system running on the portable device arrived After learning experience. All the studied samples authentication systems to provide the required level of protection, the lack of sifrləmənin safe supplements and personal information not protected As significant gaps were found. The current situation on professionals who are “smart” confidential information stored in the morning, as well as the user’s name, address, health and so on. that the focus of interest for information on criminals. However, the experts urge you to take the necessary measures to protect these facilities from possible attacks. experts are very concerned about the “smart” can spend hours authentication systems to easily capture the weakness caused them to criminals. In addition, the ciphered data transmission devices poses serious risks. “Smart” watches spread, they will become the target of cyber criminals, and therefore we have your corporate network or the transmission of personal data “smart” take security measures during the use of the morning, “

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