The Media Exploitation of Donald Trump

It is not even Christmas and already people are get sick and tired of hearing about Trump and all the extreme and unfiltered statements he makes. Lets be very honest here, he is a celebrity. Make no mistake he loves the lime light and loves the attention.

With that said lets take into focus the media. Most major news agencies are a corporation, they are in fact extremely large business operations. Having a 24 hour news network you have a fundamental business need to keep people entertained and engaged. Donald Trump certainly provides this service does he not? The best part is, Donald Trump does not cost anyone money. He funds himself.

The world that we live in with social media everyone gets so wrapped up in the moment and lose perspective. If you had any sense of American politics you would know that we are in the political off-season. Things can get quite boring in the legislature this time of year before a major election.

Enter Trump media madness. Nothing really important is really going on politically….Donald Trump is not even a politician…….yet headlines are flying everywhere and people are talking. Ratings are being filled, people are talking. Trump has served his purpose.

Despite all of the media exposure he is still losing in the overall national polls behind Hillary Clintonand many of his Republican rivals are closing the gap as we speak. Keep in mind the national election is next November. I suspect by summer time the only time we hear the words “Donald Trump” & “President” in the same sentence we would be saying something like “Remember when people thought Donald Trump might have a chance to be the next President.”


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That closes out the political segment of the news, now on to Anonymous news. You may have heard recently that Donald Trump referred to people who advocate for 1st Amendment rights are quote “foolish” and admits he would like to impose internet restrictions:


So for threatening to place sanctions on the internet……..

….and for threatening deport 11 Million people from the United States:

…..and for threatening to close the borders of the United States:

….and for threatening to ban all Muslims from the United States:

….and honestly for countless other things; Donald Trump has attracted the attention of Anonymous:

#OpTrump Already Begun – Anonymous Declared War on Trump!


-Rumor has it that in response to the success of OpISIS trolling day last friday, Anonymous is planning another Donald Troll troll day this Friday, November 18th –



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