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The new iPhone 6s already sold in Spain


  • From 8 in the morning on Fridays you can buy this model and the iPhone 6s Plus eleven stores in the country Apple Store.


With the launch of its two new models of mobile phones, Apple Store eleven of Spain have opened their doors at 8:00 am on Friday with special hours.The new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will also be available from this Friday in the online store Apple Online Store.

The new phones are available in four metallic finishes : gold, silver, gray space and the new pink gold. 6s iPhone is priced at 749 euros for the 16GB model, 859 euros the 64GB model and 969 euros 128GB model.

Meanwhile, the iPhone Plus 6s priced at 859 euros for the 16GB model, 969 euros the 64GB model and 1,079 euros 128GB model. The company announced that in addition to Spain, on Friday have gone on sale new models in more than 40 countries, including Italy, Mexico, Russia and Taiwan.

In countries like the US, China, Britain and France and new phones Apple sold two weeks ago with results that have broken all records. A few days ago the US company announced it had sold over 13 million units of these two new models in just three days since its release.


3D Touch Technology:

“Sales of the iPhone and iPhone 6s 6s Plus have been outstanding, surpassing any previous data of sales in the first weekend in Apple’s history,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, in a statement.

The main newness that these two updates from Apple are the 7000 series aluminum finish, tougher and with better grip, pink gold color of any of the two models, the 12-megapixel camera with video recording 4K and The secondary camera of 5 MP. In addition, a faster and Touch ID 3D Touch screen technology that detects the force with which the user presses.

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