Tips For Safe Christmas !

Christmas has arrived and with them, along with a time of vacation, family gathering and illusion, the most important shopping period of the year. According to the Study Deloitte Commerce Christmas, consumers will spend this year 10% more respect to last Christmas.


In many cases, online purchases, especially those made ​​by mobile phone , are characterized by impulsiveness.Avoid errors when entering certain web pages, to make transactions or click on irresistible offers found in social networks and do it from public WiFis or without minimum guarantees of security are shares for which ESET is intended to alert.

Therefore, from ESET they propose a series of tips for the holidays are a time of happy shopping:

1. Secure connections:

First, it is preferable not to connect to public Wi-Fi networks to transact because they are often an easy target for criminals. It is preferable to extend the data rate to connect to sites buy directly through the connection with the operator.

2. Pages and reliable applications:

When downloading applications is important to read the recommendations of other users and check that the developer is who he says, to avoid falling prey of criminals. Similarly, when we connect to web pages, you check that the connection is secure (https) before making any purchase.

3. Ignoring impossible bargains:

At this time, especially through social networks and / or messaging applications, many great deals that are mostly false received.

It is quite possible that the leftover concerned actually a scam in the making and the offender intended to get our bank details or our money without sending any product.

4. To re-skill before clicking links:

To avoid unpleasant surprises is better to type the Web address of the store you want to visit rather than clicking links sent to us by mail. Cyber ​​criminals often hide behind apparently official short URLs or addresses and lead to pages from which malware is downloaded to your device.

5. Do not lose sight of the device:

In the rush, shopping, crowds it’s very easy to let the phone at the table in a cafe or we steal it from his pocket.

To avoid this, it is best not to use the device in view of potential criminals and not mislead us when we use it and in any case, have a solution that allows trace or even do a full erase of our personal data in case of impossibility to locate…!!

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