Top 5 Impressive PC keyboard Features That No One Should Miss

When purchasing a new PC or creating the ideal desktop configuration, there are several things to consider. But one that can never be forgotten is the keyboard, particularly because injuries can occur from an inexpensive or badly built keyboard that is hard to type on.

One of the two major ways we communicate with our machine is the keyboard. For that cause, it is an incredible idea to invest in a decent one with customization options. But not all functions of the keyboard are must-haves. It largely depends on one’s preference, such as wired or wireless, number or non-ten-keyless pad, and height.

However, other features will make a lot of difference to the experience of typing. Our suggestions on the five keyboard characteristics that anyone may like are below.

  • Mechanical Switches
  • USB passthrough
  • Per-key Backlighting
  • Spill-Proof Designs
  • Media Key & Volume Roller

Mechanical Switches

Mechanical Switches

To register a keypress, mechanical keyboard switches need less force. Cherry, a company central in Germany, is the leading brand. They have their mechanical keyboard models for Logitech and Razer, but they are mainly used for gamers. The switches are color-coded, with MX Blue and MX Browns as general use alternatives, in brown, blue, red, and black. On PCs and notebooks, the finest mechanical keyboards can be used.

A USB Passthrough

Two unpleasant issues are raised by USB-powered laptop peripherals: they build a tangle of wires, and plugging them into the back of your PC can be a hassle. You can connect an important peripheral to a USB port on the keyboard by using a USB pass-through.

It’s extremely easy to plug in a peripheral, or even a thumb drive, via USB pass-through. Plus, handling a cable or using something with a shorter cable is smoother.

Just because a keyboard has a USB port does not indicate that it supports pass-through, although certain ports are for charging only. If you are searching for a passthrough port, make sure that it says that this is enabled on the packaging or on the product page.

Per-Key Backlighting

For laptops and desktops, per-key backlighting is a very useful option. A lighted keyboard is a direct benefit if you are using a laptop in a dark environment, whether it’s your living room, an aircraft, or outside.

Per-Key Backlighting

It’s helpful on desktops for the same purposes, but it is much more convenient if you have a keyboard with RGB lighting. For example, to make it easier to locate a certain set of keys while gaming or for virtually any other use of productivity that the keyboard demands, you can build color-coded keyboard areas.

Spill-Proof Designs

Laptop spill resistance is more prominent than waterproof keyboards. There are runoff holes in some laptops that cause liquids to escape without compromising any critical components. However, before you can use it again, you have to let your laptop dry out. It’s better to purchase products that, like systems with spill-resistant keyboards, can cover themselves.

Media Keys and a Volume Roller

Media Keys and a Volume Roller keyboard

A mixture of feature keys is a weak replacement for media keys. Yeah, it works, but instead of a smart speaker, it is as useful as using a smartphone. It hurts, in other words. For managing web players, such as those from YouTube and Netflix, as well as onboard applications, such as Spotify or VLC, dedicated media keys make things simpler.

This is because, without taking your hands from the keyboard, you can control them. It’s a smart thing to add to a keyboard, but occasionally it looks a little weird. A nice option is a sound card that comes with an audio control module or an external DAC with a volume roller if you can’t stomach an odd-looking wheel on the side of your keyboard.

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