Hi Friends, I’m Noor Qureshi. Today we are going to Hack WiFi Password from Windows Operating System. As you know i have posted many tutorials on WiFi Cracking on Linux/Mac/Win on my other Blogs but Now, I’m totally working on TheHackToday for now. as this one is my favorite project as well. So we are up to hacking WiFi Password on windows using simple as easy way to do that. If you guys still have any problems in Anything comment below!

Okay, Lets get started!

First you gonna need to Download Some Tool:

  1. Aircrack-ng 
  2. Peek for Aircrack
  3. CommView

Download These Tools. After Downloading you have to install them.

Follow me now!

Okay, we extract the aircrack that we just download to C:/
The peek need to install to


WiFi Hacking in Windows Latest