Twitter Vows To Wage War on Internet Trolls!

Twitter is an Largest Social Network after Facebook, Twitter is giving their users new feature for block internet trolls and claims as abusive behaviour on social media site for catching up with Facebook.

Twitter celebrates its tenth birthday next year,which worth more than £22 billion but still behind Facebook, which has more than one billion users active daily and a valuation of £167 billion.

But Mr Daisley now says the site has cracked down on nuisance users who hurl extreme abuse at those they disagree with. Measures include contacting suspected trolls to tell them “what you are doing here exists in the real world” and encouraging people to publish lists of users they have blocked.

Mr Daisley said the measures, introduced over the past year, had led to a massive increase in the number of reports and made people feel a lot safer.

The hacking group Anonymous recently claimed to have taken down 20,000 Twitter accounts that were supposedly “pro-Isis”. Many of them had merely been written in Arabic. Others on the hit-list belonged to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and media outlets including BBC News.

Twitter recently launched its Moments feature in the UK, working with 18 media production partners to present the best Twitter stories of the day.

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