UN chief attacks Hungary’s treatment of refugees after police fired tear gas and water cannons at them

The UN secretary general has denounced the Hungarian government’s treatment of evacuees on its southern fringe, contending that the utilization of teargas, pepper splash and water gun on individuals escaping war and hardship is not satisfactory.

Hungary started shock from the worldwide group on Wednesday in the wake of terminating gas canisters and showering water at hordes of disappointed exiles who had quickly gotten through an outskirt door in challenge at being kept from intersection from Serbia.

1UN boss Ban Ki-moon said: “I was stunned to perceive how these displaced people and vagrants were dealt with. It’s not worthy … since they are the general population who are escaping the roughness and abuse, we must guarantee our empathetic initiative.”

Hungary has depicted its response as a real reaction to an attack, asserting without giving further subtle elements that a known terrorist was among one of the 29 individuals captured amid the conflicts on Wednesday. Accordingly, Serbian lawmakers censured what they saw as an encroachment of Serbian power.

Serbia’s PM blamed Hungary for merciless and non-European conduct and asked the EU to react. “We won’t permit anybody to mortify us. I approach the European Union to respond, for its individuals to act in accordance with European values,” Aleksandar Vučić told Serbian state TV. “On the off chance that the EU does not respond, we will figure out how to ensure our outskirts and European values too,” he said

UN chief attacks Hungary's treatment of refugees after police fired tear gas and water cannons at them

Tensions boiled over after thousands of refugees fleeing wars in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan began arriving at the Horgoš border crossing between Serbia and Hungary in the hours after Budapest finally sealed it following months of threats to do so. For many refugees, whose understanding of how to navigate Europe is largely gleaned from the more than 170,000 people who had successfully transited through Hungary since the start of the year, the move came as a shock.


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