What Is Panama Papers?

How do you hide massive disclosing confidential documents to be found that the peak of their wealth to the wealthy and powerful individuals. The documents were leaked from a law firm musak Fonseca and number of Panama is one million.

What is panama papers?

Musak Fonseca customers know how that moves the file to the child how the money laundering and tax evasion, sanctions.

The company received the results of an American millionaire fake ownership rights in a case to hide wealth from the authorities. This is to prevent money laundering, which is a violation of international ryglulysn and prevent tax evasion.

What is striking in these papers?

These documents are the names of former and current heads of state, including those dictators who are accused of looting the country’s wealth.

These documents are the 60 heads of state and other politicians close relatives, and even the names of colleagues.

Russian President Putin’s closest colleagues in the files, the Chinese president’s brother, the President of Ukraine, the President of Argentina, British Prime Minister David Cameron’s late father, and Prime Minister mentioned the three children in Pakistan four.

How is tax evasion?

Although there are legal ways to avoid taxes, but most of what he is going to hide the identity of the real owner of the money, how to earn money and pay tax on that money.

These are some of the main allegations that shell companies are made that are apparently legal but it is a hollow company. It hides the identity of the owner companies money.

Say the people involved?

Musak Fonseca said he was not accused of working without blemish from 40 years and never done it.

Russian President Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Oiladima Pasco said, Putin phobia forbidden to discuss the extent to which Russia is Russian or work or achievements. But it is necessary that there be forged when to say no. It’s obvious.

Who leaked the panama papers?

An estimated 15 million documents received Suddeutsche Zeitung German newspaper, which he shared with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists ICI Jay.

The consortium is based on media 109 media organizations of 76 countries. Including the British newspaper Guardian, and was more than a year to analyze the documents.

BBC documents do not identify the source of the leak.

These are the largest in the history of leaks compared with Wikileaks are even small. Panama leaks two lakh 14 thousand, details of companies, trusts and foundation.

From 1977 to 2015. These documents present information to December. The bulk of these documents contains emails but also pictures of contracts and passports.s


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