Why Does Apple Music Keep Pausing? Here’s How to Fix It

Apple Music Play is a fascinating software related to iOS and Mac. It has many appealing features and characteristics that make it the most preferred music app on iOS.

However, it occasionally pauses, so don’t be worried if you’re wondering, “Why does my Apple Music keep pausing?” because many users reported that they are facing this issue.

Today in this post, we will discuss why your apple music keeps pausing along with its fixes. Therefore, don’t miss this informative post and stick with us till the end of it.

Causes Of My Apple Music Keeps Pausing

Some glitches or errors force Apple Music Play to pause. Before proceeding with the fixes, you should determine whether you are encountering any of the issues we mentioned.

  • You are having an iOS system issue.
  • An unstable network is causing problems.
  • Too many apps are running in the background.
  • The music account is active on multiple devices.
  • A lot of data on your iPhone is pausing Apple music play.

Troubleshooting My Apple Music Keeps Pausing

Let’s proceed to the core point of the problem’s solution. If your Apple Music keeps pausing, you should look at these easy fixes that will undoubtedly assist you in playing it properly.

1. Re-Launch Apple Music

The first and quickest way to resolve Apple Music keeps pausing is to reopen the app. It will remove numerous minor bugs and allow the application to function normally. Therefore, forcibly quit Apple Music, then reopen it to see if the song is no longer pausing.

2. Restart iPhone

Many apps may not operate properly because they are overloaded or there is excessive traffic on the device. Therefore, restart your iPhone to resolve the pausing issue on Apple Music. Check out the link if you don’t know how to restart an iPhone.

3. Turn Off Low Power Mode

Low power mode minimizes the amount of battery that your phone consumes by slowing down the apps that utilize too much battery. If you are on low power mode, this would be a reason why Apple Music keeps pausing. Therefore, make sure to turn off the low power mode.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go to the Battery option.why does my Apple Music keeps
  3. Select Low Power Mode.why does Apple Music keeps pausing
  4. Now toggle to turn it off.

4. Turn Off Bluetooth

If Bluetooth is on and your iPhone is trying to connect to a device, then it may interrupt some other functions. Therefore, it’s a possibility that your Apple Music will keep pausing when Bluetooth is turned on. So, it would be better to turn off Bluetooth while using Apple Music.

  1. Access the Control Center by swiping down from the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Among other quick accesses apps, tap the Bluetooth icon to turn it

5. Disable Low Data Mode

Low data mode restricts the network consumption of apps on your iPhone. If low data mode is activated, Apple Music will continue to pause due to a lack of internet connection. As a result, before using Apple Music, be sure to disable low data mode on your iPhone.

Disabling low data mode when you are using wifi:

  1. Go to Settings and select Wifi.
  2. Hit the info icon (ⓘ) next to your network.
  3. Toggle to turn off the Low Data Mode.why does Apple Music keeps pausing

Disabling low data mode when you are using mobile data:

  1. Go to Settings and select Mobile Data.
  2. Tap Mobile Data Options appearing below Mobile Data.
  3. Now toggle to turn off the Low Data Mode.

6. Reinstall Apple Music

Reinstalling has been proven as an effective way of eliminating minor bugs and errors. If your Apple Music keeps pausing because of an inside app glitch, then this measure will be beneficial for you. So, delete Apple Music and reinstall it to work normally without halting.

7. Disable Auto Ear Detection In Airpods

If you use AirPods, then you may experience a pause while using Apple Music because of the Automatic Ear Detection feature. It is helpful as it stops the music when you put the Airpod out of your ears, but if you fidget with them, Apple Music will keep pausing. So, disable this feature in case your Apple Music keeps pausing.

  1. Go to Settings and open Bluetooth.
  2. Tap the info icon (ⓘ) next to your iPods.
  3. Toggle to turn off Automatic Ear Detection.

8. Update iOS

Using an older version of the software can also pause Apple Music. As the updated versions have more enhancements and the older ones have limitations, you must update your Apple iOS to get rid of Apple Music keeps pausing. How to update iOS on my iPhone?

  1. Go to Settings and select General.
  2. Choose the Software Update option.
  3. If an update is available tap Download and Install.why does Apple Music keeps pausing

9. Re-download Tracks

Re-downloading the tracks can also prove an effective solution to the Apple Music keeps pausing issue because the downloaded files may be corrupted. Therefore, you must try this method. If you don’t know how to re-download tracks on Apple Music, then follow the mentioned guide.

  1. Select the track or album.
  2. Tap to choose the Remove option.
  3. Now hit Remove Downloads and you are done.

10. Disable Siri

There is a chance that Siri will interrupt you while using Apple Music because it is connected to voice activities. Therefore, if you have enabled Siri turn it off for Apple Music to operate more effectively. As a result, Apple Music will eventually stop pausing after you disable Siri.

11. Check Apple Music Status

If none of the previous methods of troubleshooting are working, there is a problem with the server. Check the status of Apple Music to determine if the server is down. To do so, go to the Apple website’s System Status Page and see if there is a green dot with Apple Music.

Why does my apple music keep pausing at 15 seconds?

It started happening after the spatial audio launch but don’t worry there is a solution for it. Log out of iCloud and restart your iPhone, after that log in to iCloud again. Now sign in to Apple Music and this problem will be solved.


Don’t panic if your Apple Music keeps pausing because it happens to most users. Therefore, our team of experts has listed all the possible solutions to your problem in this post. Many individuals have benefited from each of these briefly mentioned methods of troubleshooting.

Re-opening Apple Music, restarting the iPhone, reinstalling and updating Apple Music, disabling low data mode, turning off Bluetooth, and checking activity status are some of the fixes for the Apple Music keeps pausing issue. Hopefully, this article will prove beneficial.

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