Windows 10 Still Have Microsoft Internet Explorer Installed

Hello HackToday, As many of your thinking Microsoft Have Replaced Microsoft Edge with Old Internet Explorer, But no way Windows 10 still have Working Installed Internet Explorer with it’s super slow speed.

Windows 10 Still Have Microsoft Internet Explorer Installed

Internet Explorer v11 Installed on Windows 10
Internet Explorer v11 Installed on Windows 10

Windows 10 Still Have Internet Explorer v11 Installed, But Internet Explorer 12 is not available for Windows 10 users, the least not for the movement now, but the default browser integrated in Microsoft’s new OS Version sure comes with new improvements that make your online browsing experience faster and more secure.


Since Windows 10 Preview is aimed at experienced users and IT admins participating in the Windows Insider Program, so is Internet Explorer, so all these updates are aimed at those with solid computer knowledge who could give them a try and send back feedback to help Microsoft refine the browser before it hits the market as part of the final Windows 10 version.

New feature to handle user feedback

Microsoft also announced that together with Windows 10, it also debuted what it calls IE PLatform Suggestion Box, a UserVoice platform-based feedback service that’s supposed to help the company to quickly find out which are the most requested features by users running its browser.

This way, the software giant says, it can improve Internet Explorer with the features that users actually need, tweaking the browser in order to better address feedback.

“By using the UserVoice voting system, we’ll be able to see exactly which feature suggestions are the most requested by the web developer community which will help us prioritize our work. We also linked the vote counts directly into to make it even easier to get us your feedback on new standards and features,” Microsoft said.

In the meantime, people still expect Internet Explorer 12, a new version of the browser which could arrive in the final build of Windows 10 and could bring lots of new features, including a completely revamped UI and extension support.

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